Before You Clean Your Carpets Read This

Carpets make our homes feel warm and comfortable, they add style and help your home look fantastic.  They also attract a ton of dirt and need to be cleaned on a regular basis.  Before you clean your carpets you should know the best method to do that and how to maintain them throughout the year.  You don’t need harsh chemicals to keep your carpets clean, there are green methods that will keep your carpets clean and family safe.

Green Cleaners

Everybody is concerned about the environment and the impact our choices are having on it, that is why homeowners are opting to use green, or biodegradable cleaners.  The compounds in the cleaners break down before they have the chance to harm any of the plants and animals in the area.  That means that the products you use to clean your carpets are perfectly safe for your family and pets.

Easier to Clean

Green cleaning methods use less water and when it comes to your carpet that’s a good thing.  There is less water after in the carpet after you have cleaned it and it will dry faster.  The backing of your carpet won’t shrink or tear and with a quicker drying time you are less prone to getting mold underneath your carpet.  At the same time all of the dirt and debris get cleaned up.

Keep Your Carpets Looking New

Carpets are a big investment so it stands to reason that you would want to keep them looking good as long as possible.  Wool, silk or higher end rugs tend to be more delicate and need regular cleaning.  Green cleaning methods don’t damage the carpets and give you the best clean for the money invested.

It is Inexpensive

Using green cleaners on your carpets is no more expensive than using any of the harsh chemicals that aren’t as safe. There are still people who are under the impression that green cleaning is expensive or going to cost more so they call in a traditional carpet cleaner.  You can do your part for the environment without overpaying for services.  Green cleaning methods are a better choice all around, they use less water and they are safer for your household.

Keeping your carpets clean helps to keep dust and allergens out of your home,  and it keeps them looking for years to come.  You can do all that while keeping toxins out of your home and without spending a fortune.