Prepare your home for the winter season

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Home winter maintenance

The view of white snow falling from the sky is one of the most beautiful parts of the winter season. But, it can also create potential dangers for homeowners. Snow, ice, and other conditions cause several safety concerns around the home’s interior and exterior, which requires extra work on the part of homeowners to ensure no problems show up. Protecting your home from the wrath of the season is a vital act during this season. The increased moisture can lead to ice dams on the roof, ice around the home, and even basement flooding or damage to the foundation. When the temperature drops dramatically and the snow flies, you will be glad that you have taken these measures to safeguard your house.

Follow these easy steps to ensure the safety of your home and its inhabitants during the winter season –

Winter weather preparation for the outside of your house-

  1. Clean out the gutters-

Keep the drain clean by removing sticks, leaves, and other debris, so that the melting snow and ice flows freely. This simple step can prevent ice damming, which is caused due to the blocked drainage system. The water instead of draining out seeps inside the house, causing the ceilings and walls drip. You can even install gutter guards to make the job easy for you.

  1. Repair steps and handrails-

Before the snow season comes, make sure to repair all the broken steps and railings. This prevents you from falling and getting yourself hurt when the same is covered with snow and ice.

  1. Remove dead branches and trim trees-

Heavy wind, snow, and ice cause weak trees and branches to break free and damage your home or car. It can also injure someone walking by your property.

  1. Apply sealants and install weather stripping around windows and doors-

To prevent moisture and cold air from entering your home, you need to insulate the doors and windows with the help of sealants and weather strips.

Winter weather preparation for the inside of your home-

  1. Protect pipes in crawl spaces, basements, and attics with plug-in heating cable or insulation-

Well-insulated basements, attics, and crawl spaces help in protecting pipes from bursting. Besides, you should install sturdy, UL®-listed models of heating cables with built-in thermostats as they turn on the heat whenever needed.

  1. Take steps to prevent flooding-

There are several ways by which you can prevent flooding from melted snow and ice runoff in your house. You can even take advice from your licensed contractor about the same. Use plastic coatings to prevent sump pumps and internal basement walls getting damaged. Also, check all the pipes closely and make sure there’s no presence of cracks and leaks.

  1. Locate the pipes and learn how to shut the water off-

Speed is essential if your pipe freezes due to snow and ice. Act quickly and shut off water or direct your plumber to the problem. This will reduce the chances of significant water damage.

  1. Install an emergency pressure release valve in the plumbing system-

An emergency pressure release valve protects your pipes from bursting against increased pressure caused by freezing.

  1. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors-

In winter, residential fires tend to increase. Hence, it is necessary to check that the sensors are working correctly to ensure that your house is free from carbon monoxide poisoning.

  1. Service your heating system regularly-

Furnaces, chimneys, and boilers should be serviced at least once a year to prevent smoke and fire damage.

  1. Consider insuring your home and valuables-

It is always a good idea to protect your valuables against unforeseen circumstances. During winter, blockage in drains can cause flooding and can damage your floors, furniture, and other valuables at home. To ensure that your home content’s safety, protect them with a home insurance policy. A home insurance policy can be purchased online without any paperwork. Hence, it is a smart move to buy a home insurance policy now.

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