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Creating a work environment that is practical yet also comfortable and attractive is the key to keeping productivity high and employees happy during the day. Though some offices have the resources to bring in interior designers to give their office space extra polish, some companies need to focus their budget on practical needs. Going without a designer doesn’t have to be a problem, though. It’s still possible to create a clean and very livable workspace on a limited budget. What’s required is ingenuity, resourcefulness and some help with finding good used furniture. The good news is that there are lots of options out there that can help you create a great working environment.

Recycled Furnishings That Look Great

There are many great design resources in magazines and online that can help give you ideas for enhancing a work space beautifully. It’s smart to take a look at some of the interior design sites online that offer photos and practical suggestions for putting together a great space while stretching your dollars. By getting a sense of what paint colors look great with different fabrics and finishes, you can get a feel for how to design your office space without spending much.

Used furniture stores are also a great resource for putting an office together. There are used partitions for sale in many office furnishing stores, and these can be great for creating private office spaces that really define a space wonderfully. You can also combine practical desks and cabinets with used pieces that have extra character, to create a look that’s very inviting and warm. Adding touches of color with vases and wall art is also a great way to give a space a designer feel, without spending a great deal.

Don’t let a limited budget limit your ideas. Get resourceful and start creating the perfect workspace.

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