5 Exceptionally Killer WordPress Alternatives To Get High Traffic

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The most preeminent open source CMS in the global market is well-known by the WordPress. Around 19% of the websites are running live on the web using this amazing platform. It is reckoned in one of the finest content management systems for blogging as well as web development sites. According to the survey, WordPress caters the billions of pages only in a single month. As a top-notch technology, this PHP-based framework is capable of generating a greater level of traffic to improve your business revenues.

This web technology is developed by thousands of communities and due to its number of users, a high-quality of technical support is provided. More than 26,000 plug-ins are available under the official plug-ins directory of this awesome web software. You can use countless themes & templates, or customize them to create a unique design for website or blogging, which surely compel visitors in order to make engagement with your business for a long time.

Technologies that replace WordPress the best!

Every business owner is looking for the best technology, which offshore a buzz in the website design industry with their tremendous features and functionalities. Therefore, people are moving towards those options that are easy to use, simple and feature-rich to draw-in optimum outcome in a minimum time period. So, let’s take a glimpse on those softwares that follow the same or better approach as compare to WordPress.

However, WordPress serves the various matchless features, but it overlays some complications as well for small websites and these issues can be handled in an easy manner from the other CMS. If you have own small business and you are facing some problem with the WordPress platform, then look forward for the other alternatives and avail desired result.




Being a simple and static web page generator, Jekyll has become one of the first choices to publish content in an easy way. A large number of text files are included in its template directory and these files are available in different formats. This software caters static HTML documents and additionally, it hosts your website or blog post for free with the help of GitHub server.

Tom Preston-Werner is a co-founder of GitHub, who has developed Jekyll. If you desire to get proficiency in this technology, then it is necessary to have a sound knowledge of the command line, so that it will best suit you as an alternative solution. Meanwhile, it is a high-performance provider and worthy solution for free website hosting along with the content publishing.




The major use of Craft CMS is to manage content in a simple manner. Its aim is to render core demanding features that developers required for managing a website and to meet every need without bloating. This latest business model was developed by Tonic, ExpressionEngine developers and Pixel. This CMS offers the facility to use its fabulous features for free.

Although, you can purchase Craft packages, if you are keen to provide the extra functionalities to make your site original and innovative. Buy any of them, which is most required for your site like, Localize package, Cloud package and many more. Localize package supports multiple languages and Cloud package offers cloud-based services such as Google Cloud and Amazon S3.



Ghost is counted as one of the most powerful alternatives of WordPress in the current time. As compared to WordPress, it caters high scalability and performance with simple UI, multiple tools, widgets and settings. This is quite a fast tool, which is developed by JavaScript technology and dependent on Node.js.



The word Statamic is a combination of dynamic and static, this is the reason that Statamic tool uses both elements, but few unaware people prefer it as a static website generator. With the use of flat-files, it stores content without any type of DBMS, like MySQL into the directory structure. Keep in mind that flat files can deal with dynamic elements because this tool helps in creating content-based website projects rather than database-centric, which does not need any database, so that zero query is required to handle.




As the name states that very little. Perch is a small CMS for publishing content and no need to build template to get work started on it. If you are going to start your business, then do not refer Perch at the beginning, it is best suitable for the existing websites that need some editing in the web pages. It has a simple UI along with control panel support due to which, it is considered a wonderful CMS.


All the above tools are beneficial and we are excited to know, which tool will get success in the coming years & which will fall down. These alternatives are better solutions for those, who are facing issues with WordPess or who want to use a different approach on the ground of CMS.

This article is contributed by Stephen Gagnon. He is a passionate Web Design and SEO Professionals with Parxavenue Ltd. He writes valuable articles about web design and development. He loves to share significant tips and guidelines dealing with PHP based web development that are useful for newbies.

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