Technology Integration in Education

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In today’s world, the advancement of technology has exhibited no traces of slowing down. It has a huge impact in the field of education in today’s mobile-centric world. Nowadays, the instructors also ensure that they are up-to-minute with the latest innovations and technology trends so that their students are able to learn with the best technology available. For example, with mobile apps, the students can understand NCERT Solutions For Class 8 maths and science in the easiest ways. Now, let’s have a look at classroom technologies that are expected to continue in future.


Digital Textbooks


Nowadays textbooks are becoming more expensive. A digital textbook is cost-effective and can be updated easily to the most recent edition. It reduces storage space. There is no need of having a separate space for textbooks, homework and many other files. Another great advantage is the font flexibility.


Mind Mapping


Mind Mapping is a powerful graphic technique that is a key to unlock the potential of a brain. It makes learning interactive and it is passive. This helps students to understand and recall information. Mind mapping can be applied to every facet of life.


Flipped Learning


Flipped Learning is the contrary to regular classroom learning. Students will be handed studying material beforehand. The students learn chapters at home by watching videos, studying the content in detail and more.


Remote Learning


Students attend class through videos and access the content. In a similar manner, you can also bring subject experts and teachers. Some of the technologies involved in remote learning include social media, email, video conferencing and class forums.


Big Data


It has an exceptional flexibility to change how we teach and learn. It gives real-time information. It helps students by allowing them to focus on a field they actually need help with.


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