Jump down : A good game for elderly people or everyone

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Did you ever find hard to discover an easy and handy game on Google play store? Well I have something to tell you about a game which is so amazing in its own way. The game is called Jump down made by a guy named Javary who did an amazing work putting all these fascinating sceneries that makes it a complete adventure game, that’s why people love it. This game has tons of levels in it and it’s not a one day game. But off course you can take the advantage of getting to a higher level up to 50 in a single day.

And if you are really addictive then you will take it far for sure, I must also tell you that this games is so addictive that at a time you might forget to eat, just because you might miss the level of getting to a higher point. I have played it for almost a week at least and know enough about it already, that’s why I wanted to write a little bit about this game. It’s also just a month old game and you could see the potential of the game to where they have reached at such a short period of time, and that’s only a month counting from now. This says everything about it right? People absolutely love it. People who are already into this game are killing the jumping revolution out there. This is such an addictive game I always keep saying it, because it really is addictive. Right after you read this article the next thing you should do is go to Google play store and download it right away. You should also be little aware to not download the wrong game app, because there are so many apps listed on Google play store with the name Jump Down.

But not to worry you should particularly look for the name of the developer with the name called Javary who did build this adventurous game for us to have a great time with our phones. Many people say this game is a kid’s game, and I definitely agree with them. But it doesn’t mean that only kids should play. I would say it a good game for elderly people or everyone can play in their leisure hours. My dad also loves this game so much. Some people were asking me how does my dad know about this game, and I told them it was me who introduced him about this game. Why did I do that? Because I saw my dad getting bored or tired every day after getting home from office and so I wanted my dad to also have fun. I knew that he loves games so I told him about this game and mom couldn’t stop him from playing it ever since then. That’s how amazing and fun it was to play this game. And off course there is difference between kids and grown up people, kids play it only for fun but adults play it for fun and to time pass.

Some people like to call this game time pass game, and yes I truly agree to whoever says that. It’s not a high graphics games after all. Games like clash of clans, Pubg etc consume most of your memory space and it gets hard to install other apps further. Where as in Jump down game it’s totally different, the size of the game is 65.12mb only. That’s why it’s a light game and the interesting part about it is that you have the capability to play this game offline as well, you simply download it and you are good to go.

I mostly love playing this game during my travels, it balances all of my time specially those moments when I have to wait for flight or train for long hours, these games really helps it along the way. If you happen to meet elderly people and ask them about this game, they would say it’s a stress reliever. And yes it definitely is a stress reliever although children’s find it awkward when they heard such terms. So if you are a game lover like me and having trouble finding games that you love take my words and give it a try once. If you love the game after playing it then you can thank me later. We all want to be entertained and this is the best game for you all to be entertained. And don’t be afraid about the money because you are not paying a dime to play this game. Make sure you give honest ratings. I personally gave full 5 out of 5 stars as I loved it very much. So guys go check it out on Google play store right now to Download Jump Down.


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