Suggestions to Help Avoid Identity Theft

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Identity theft is a major concern in today’s modern world. Identity theft occurs when an individual uses another person’s information to do things such as open bank accounts, credit cards, and spend money. With incredible amounts of personal and sensitive information shared over the internet every single day, it may feel overwhelming to know how to avoid having an identity stolen. However, there are simple things that individuals can do to help protect their sensitive information on the internet and in person, and here are several suggestions. Following these ideas may aid in preventing identity theft.

1. Be Aware of Unsecured Websites and Sign Up for Protection Services

The internet is where lots of personal information is shared, and unfortunately, some of this information may be stolen. One way that an individual may protect himself or herself is by being aware of websites that appear to be unsecured, and/or emails that ask for information such as social security numbers or bank account information. Additionally, signing up with companies that assist in the protection of individual’s identities and installing software and apps that monitor personal data may be beneficial.

2. Dispose of Old Electronic Devices

Another simple way to avoid sensitive data from getting into the hands of someone who may steal an identity is by safely disposing of old electronic devices. Old laptops and mobile phones may contain private information like credit card numbers, and it’s critical to properly discard these items. It may be helpful to recycle these electronics and computers at a facility such as laptop recycling Toronto for example.

3. Shred Papers and Mail Containing Personal Information

It may be a good idea to shred any papers and pieces of mail that contain sensitive information like bank statements, addresses, and other personal info. Remember that utilizing a shredder can be much more effective than ripping papers individually, which could easily be placed back together by someone with ill intentions.

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