The Technological Marvels of Cataract Surgery

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One of the most common types of surgery is on the eye. As you age, the eyes’ lenses become clouded. It’s a progressive issue that affects most people. Cataract surgery is the typical solution. Doctors remove the lens and replace it with a synthetic design. Get to know the technological marvels behind cataract surgery so that you know you’re in good hands.

Local Anesthetic

A marvel that’s often overlooked is the anesthetic involved during your procedure. You will be awake during surgery. However, pain and discomfort aren’t part of your experience. Doctors provide you with local anesthetic, which allows you to be awake during the surgery. It’s possible to see your vision come alive as the procedure progresses.

Breaking up the Lens

Doctors don’t just pull the old lens from the eye. They break it apart with a specialized tool called a handpiece. It literally shatters the lens into tiny pieces so that they can be easily removed through the eye. These handpieces are marvels that require some maintenance between surgeries, such as Phaco repair. They are sterile tools that can be used for many patients over the years.

Power Source

The handpiece must be attached to a power source that offers steady energy. This machine gives the tool a specific vibration that’s conducive to breaking apart the lens. Every ophthalmologist who performs cataract surgery must be aware of the machine’s features and maintenance needs. There can be no surgery without a reliable, power source.

Your Doctor’s Training

The training that your doctor has is a marvel itself. Ophthalmologists go through many years of school so that they can specialize on the eye. They may go to even more classes when it comes to the tooling involved with the surgeries. This experience is priceless to struggling patients.

Driving home on your own isn’t recommended after a cataract surgery. One eye to see the road can be a hazard. Ask a loved one to drive you home. Your recovery will be swift, and you’ll be back out in the world in no time.

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