Budget Accommodation- A variety of Choices for Different Needs and Preferences

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Shoestring budgets for overseas travel may imply the need to save up on potentially expensive arrangements like accommodation since it is very little you can do about the airfare. However, budget accommodation can save much more on your travel costs than you’d believe.

It is only a myth that the downtown area will have sky rocketing prices. You might as well find cheap accommodation in the heart of big cities, right besides the luxurious and pompous hotels. Budget stay need not mean staying far from tourist attractions or compromising on accessibility to public facilities. These budget accommodations are not only good on the pocket but also your sleep as they usually provide for certain basic amenities that make your stay a pleasant one.

Tailored to suit your preferences and different markets, there are several types of budget accommodation


The facilities and services in a hostel have improved massively over the years. The guests (normally students or backpackers) are provided with quality accommodation though shared amenities and dormitories still largely exist. However, private rooms too have been put up on offer by various hostels.

Not only are hostels affordable and have friendly vibe but they also provide the guests with an opportunity to interact with and explore people from different parts of the world. Some hostels catering to backpackers may be located in secluded areas while others might be in the heart of the town. Some hostels provide surprising amenities like laundry service, on-site dining, internet connectivity and even complimentary toiletries.

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts, with private bedrooms and attached bathrooms can offer not just cheap accommodation but also more privacy within your budget.

Usually run by owners themselves, bed and breakfast lodgings have personal touches that often make the traveler feel at home due to homely decor, personalized brand of service, and cozy rooms.

As suggested in the name, the room rates are usually all inclusive with a delicious breakfast, accommodation, parking and local telephone calls making the stay worth all the money spent.

Budget 3-star hotels

If you’d rather opt for hotel stay offering extras, the budget three star hotels are the way to go. They offer a value for money experience with formalized style of service and a multitude of amenities. In budget three-star hotels you may find ensuite bathrooms with toiletries, coffee and tea making machine, television, room service, and even mini-bars.

You might at well book a budget three-star hotel that offers fitness centres, swimming pool, on site bars and restaurants. Moreover, they are located in easily accessible tourist areas on most occasions.

Boutique budget hotels

Providing stylish yet affordable stay, Boutique budget hotels are a new breed of the traditional boutique hotels. These hotels may offer more luxurious and technologically advanced amenities like a docking station and flat screen television. These make for a perfect stay for the leisure travelers or the tech savvy business travelers.

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