What To Do If Pulled Over For A Suspected DUI

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It’s late at night, and you’re driving home from a late dinner. The day has been long, and, yes, you’re exhausted. Suddenly red and blue flashing lights appear behind you. You’re nervous. What do you do? You’re now regretting that glass of Cabernet that tempted you at dinner. If you think an officer suspects a DUI, here are some steps to help protect yourself.

Be Polite But Refuse Tests

When those lights go off, pull over in a well-lit area and remain calm. Allow the policeman to see your license and answer questions. Don’t lie, and remain respectful. There is no need to pick a fight or get hostile. Chances are you’ll be asked to take a field test or breathalyzer. Kindly refuse. Understand this most likely means a trip to the precinct.

Get Help

At the station, ask immediately for a lawyer. One can be assigned to you, or you may use a phone call to have family or friends secure outside counsel. Meet with this person as soon as possible. Discuss details of the event, and don’t hold back anything. It’s best for your defense to know everything about the situation. While in this meeting, have a loved one research bail bonds allentown pa. You might focus on the court appearance while family focuses on getting you released. Have someone work with the bond company to securing funding. The sooner it’s done, the quicker you return home.

Take a Test

Okay, now you’ll need to have a DUI test. You may be offered two choices: blood or breath. Ask your lawyer which one is best for fighting in court.

Appear in Court

Now, if the test comes back clear, you may be released; if it is positive, you’ll head to court. Again, remain respectful throughout the proceedings. If bail is set, pay bond.

Over the next few weeks or months, work with your lawyer on the case. This could take time to work out, so stay patient. The next time you grab for that glass of wine, consider taking an Uber home.

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