3 Great Social Programs Available in Rockville, Maryland

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The Maryland city of Rockville can be considered a bustling hub of biotechnology and software development, which draws inhabitants from around the world. Even though many citizens in Rockville are successful, hard times or loneliness can happen to anyone. One of the most important elements of a strong community is the existence of helping hands when you need them. Whether you are facing financial difficulties or need to find sober living homes Rockville MD offers several opportunities. Here are a few good resources.

1. The Rockville Senior Center

If you or your loved ones qualify as seniors, you could be eligible for assistance from the Rockville Senior Center. With headquarters on Carnation Drive, the caring staff is on-call to help with your needs, including but not limited to:

• Counseling
• Financial aid and information, in English and Spanish
• Snow shoveling and home repairs
• Healthcare such as screenings, immunizations and education
• Free shuttle bus transportation, as well as taxi and bus subsidies

Contact the Rockville Senior Center today if you have further inquiries!

2. Village Facilities

Rockville currently has four grassroots groups called villages, which are led by volunteers with the aim to strengthen local and social networks. With an emphasis on being a good neighbor, village members sponsor community events, group activities and volunteering efforts. To learn more about joining or starting a village in Rockville, call or e-mail the City of Rockville Village Facilitator.

3. Forgiveness Loans for Home Repair

The Single Family Rehabilitation Program run by the City of Rockville offers non-financial assistance for home improvement. If you and your family meet the criteria, you could receive help from the City for plumbing and electrical repairs, bathroom and kitchen rehabilitation and even replacement of old or damaged roofing. Check out the City of Rockville website for more information about qualifications and links to application documents.

As you can see, the City of Rockville has numerous programs for citizens when times get tough. If you are in need, or simply looking for a new volunteering opportunity, it is easy to get involved.

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