The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List

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Whether buying a gift for the holidays, a birthday, or special occasion, it can be hard to find a present that is just right. Maybe you are in a slump and feel like you keep buying the same things over and over. Possibly you just simply cannot think of anything one particularly picky person would enjoy. Use the following ideas for inspiration before your next gift giving shopping trip.

Food for Any Occasion

It is hard to go wrong when you give the gift of food. There are always the traditional fruit baskets and boxes of candy, but be creative. Is there a foodie on your list that would love a casserole dish filled with all of the ingredients to make wonderful lasagna? How about a mixing bowl that holds everything you need to make cookies, including chocolate chips and a wooden spoon? Buying for a family? Put together a set of ice cream dishes with sundae toppings and sprinkles

Occupational Gifts

Use a person’s occupation as inspiration for a gift. People often put themselves last. This means they are unlikely to splurge on nicer clothes or equipment for their job unless they have to. For example, buy the nurse on your list a meta women’s lab coat from sites like Scrubs Unlimited. Boots are perfect for those men that work outdoors, and don’t forget the necktie and clip for the business men.

Turn Their Love into a Present

The next time you need a gift for that hard to buy for person, consider their passion. Pet owners are thrilled to receive the gift of food, toys, or supplies for their four legged friends. The seamstress can always use thread, scissors, and other notions to replenish her supply. Fill a toolbox with nails, screws, and other hardware for the handyman. Any of these ideas can be further enhanced with a gift card to that person’s favorite pet store, fabric shop, or hardware store.

Use any of these ideas to inspire that perfect gift for each and every individual on your list. They will be surprised by how you found something new and different as well as the effort you put into coming up with something that will be just right.

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