The Overwhelming Results of Fire Damage

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A fire can happen in your home and cause a tremendous amount of damage within minutes. Getting the fire out is only the beginning of bringing your life back to normal. Smoke damage is another facet of the problem that will require restoration services.

Smoke Damage Can Permeate Your Home

A small electrical or kitchen fire can leave traces and cause smoke damage throughout your home. Smoke damage restoration usually involves more than the localized area of the fire. The carbon and chemicals released in the fire will travel through the air and land on fabrics and materials in every room of your house. All remnants of smoke will need removal to completely restore your home.

Removal and Restoration of Charred Building Materials

One of the first tasks after a fire is to remove the burned and charred building materials and household items. The sooner this removed, the less the odors will linger. The burned portion of the structure will have to be rebuilt.

Soot and Health Ramifications

The soot that travels through the air and settles on other surfaces of the home can feel greasy and gritty. It can contain carcinogens that contribute to cancer. It’s important to have the smoke and soot cleaned from every room of your home for the safety of your family.

Cleaning Out the Odor of Smoke

Eliminating the odor of smoke after a fire in your home can be the toughest task during restoration. It can involve changing wall materials that are covered in soot, changing or cleaning carpeting, replacing drapes, and more. The odor may linger if you fail to handle details like ductwork and HVAC filters. Restoration expertise for homes suffering from smoke damage Houston TX residents need will include a comprehensive method of checking each detail for odor elimination.

Smoke damage restoration is an essential part of resolving damage from fires, no matter how slight. It’s the easiest and most sure way to bring your home back to pre-fire and smoke damage.

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