Setting your child on the path to college

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When you have children, life has a way of moving at high speed. One minute, it seems, you are in the throes of diapers, and then the next, you are dropping your child off at college for the very first time. How does this happen so quickly? Where did the time go? While slowing down time may be out of your control, preparing them for the road ahead and the school that awaits them is thankfully more in your hands.

While difficult, sending a child to college is also incredibly exciting. This is the moment that you have been leading them to all of these years! Now the baton will officially be passed, and it is now up to them to prepare for their classes and arrive on time. It will even be up to them to take care of their basic, everyday needs. This is a huge step and one that is not to be taken lightly. While you are waving goodbye to your child as the car pulls away, it will help so much to know that you have done everything possible to prepare them for this next chapter.

It’s all a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? These tips can help get you on the right track.

Teach them the value of learning

Far too often, children see the words “school” and “boring” as synonymous in their vocabulary. How hard it must be to do the homework, to study for that test, to read the assignments, when, in the back of their minds, what they are doing is seen as tedious and boring. Teach them the value of learning at an early age. Show them how learning not only opens minds but also doors to their future and their dreams.

Teach them the value of hard work

In this world of modern technology where computers seem to do more and more, and humans do less and less, teaching the value of hard work is more vital than ever. Receiving the most in life is not about receiving handouts. It never has been. Teach your child to work hard, and be sure to praise them for that, regardless of anysuccess that they may or may not receive. That way, when they do experience failure, and they will have those moments, they will not feel as though they have let you or themselves down. Shame over their failure will instead be replaced by determination to work harder the next time and without fear of the outcome.

Find the right school

While all schools certainly do have each child’s future interests in mind, there are some that are more successful than others in directing your child in the way they should go. Hong Kong schools are particularly good in this area, focusing deeply on each child’s education, interests, and their development as future leaders with active and creative minds.

Believe in your child

Studies have shown that children will believe in themselves when they have parents who also believe in them. What’s more, children with higher self-esteem are more likely to try harder, to reach further, and to take the right kinds of risks over those who are struggling with self-confidence. Now, that’s powerful!Learn how to build your child’s self-esteem. Teach them to believe in who they are and who they can be.You’ll be amazed.

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