Low Unemployment and Stagnant Wages

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If you are in tune with financial news, you have most likely seen Wall Street’s reaction to the real job metrics for June. With a downward trend for the manufacturing sector for both April and May, financial analysts were pleased to see these numbers return to form in June. While these numbers point toward a positive trend for the economy, this bull market can only last so long. As it stands, many people who have given up on looking for work have still not re-entered the workforce despite how well the economy is performing. There are multiple reasons as to why this is the case, and the biggest most likely pertains to wages. Many individuals who are looking to begin a career are moving to Boston and for a good reason. If you are starting your career or looking for a new job, you should consult staffing companies in Boston MA.

Suppressed Job Market Wages

For the typical American, they continuously hear how well the economy is performing and that this never-ending bull market continues to make investors wealthy. Since the average American is unable to participate in the stock market due to low capital, the market’s performance does not impact the majority of citizens in this nation. With that said, the average American is focused on seeing an increase in wages and not celebrating CEOs increase in pay. The economy is in an exciting place right now because those who control the narrative are those who experience the gains. It would be interesting to listen to an amateur channel to discuss the economy from middle-America’s perspective. While the unemployment metrics would remain the same, the discussion would most likely be different. Instead of focusing on dividends and stock buybacks, the general American would like to know when they, too, will receive some of the lion’s share before the bull turns back into a bear.

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