How to Work with Scaffolding Safely

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You might be wondering the meaning of the term- Scaffolding. Starting with the meaning itself, Scaffolding means temporary platform or framework made from wood that help the workers to stand or sit on it while doing various jobs or tasks at heights that is above the ground level. It can either be suspended from above or supported from the ground level i.e. at an inclined or an elevated surface. Therefore, it’s specially constructed to ease the access to heights that is away from our reach. Nowadays, many types of scaffolding equipment are readily found in the market. Irrespective of their type, all of them are manufactured keeping one thing in mind and that is “Your Safety”. Construction companies buy or hire more than one type of scaffolding to get different tasks done.

Given below are ways which you could adopt to work safely with scaffolding.-

Step 1: Rent scaffolding for those high jobs

Whenever you have to work up high, deliberate renting scaffolding rather than besieged with ladders. Scaffolding provides a huge, stable work platform where you can store materials and set up your tools. Moreover, along with scaffolding, you can with no trouble reach all areas of the repair to do a better job in half the time. Furthermore, you get to save on a lot of time and energy by not continuously climbing up and down to reposition your ladder.

Step 2: Assemble the frame and base

Even though the basic setup procedure is similar, scaffold hardware differs slightly from one manufacturer to the next. Ask for manufacturer’s instructions if your scaffold looks dissimilar from that shown here. The key to safe scaffolding is a solid foundation.

Step 3: Add planks and guardrails

Don’t be desirous to save money by using your own normal wood planks for the work surface, they aren’t sturdy enough. Rent special scaffold planks to cover the frames from side to side. Then install the guardrail posts and rails. Rails aren’t required on the side of the scaffolding that faces the building as long as the scaffolding is within 14 in. of the building.

Step 4: Scaffolding accessories and tips

You must move the scaffolding easily without taking it apart, but take a few extra precautions. You must install a special horizontal brace diagonally between the two out-side frames to keep them square. Never roll the scaffolding with tools, materials or passengers on the planks. Lock the casters before climbing the scaffolding. Avoid overhead wires when moving the scaffolding. You could be electrocuted if you bump power lines. Don’t roll the scaffolding on steep slopes or near ditches or holes.

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