What You Need To Know About Blackheads In Ears

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1) Blackheads do not mean your ear is dirty! What it does mean is the pores in your ear are larger and produce a good amount of oil.

You likely have an oily or combination facial skin type, and the ears are an extension of that.

2) Blackheads generally don’t go away on their own. Because they don’t have inflammation the body doesn’t need to get rid of them, so they can stay indefinitely.

Maybe your ear blackheads developed years ago, and haven’t really budged.

3) Blackheads will return if you don’t do a few things consistently. (Extracting isn’t enough – although it can help). This article will show you how.

4) You can get rid of them! They may be tricky and stubborn, but they aren’t impossible! You can help them to disappear, and also lessen the appearance of your pores.

So let’s get on with it…

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