Sharing Your Expertise in the Healthcare Industry

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Healthcare professionals are often required to keep up their training and knowledge. Along with attending lectures, conferences, and webinars, they also read up on the latest industry news by subscribing to professional journals and magazines.

In these publications, they often come across articles that are written by their colleagues from across the country. When you have expertise you would like to share with your fellow dentists, you may want to write an article for an industry newspaper, professional journal, or implant dentistry magazine.

Meeting the Editorial Standards

You have made your career in dentistry rather than writing or publishing. With that in mind, it might make sense to you that you may be a little rough around the proverbial edges when it comes to writing an article that can meet the professional standards of the publication.

When you want it to be accepted after the first time you submit it to the magazine, you may want to review the editorial guidelines that the publication has established. These guidelines may be set by people who are publishing and writing professionals rather than dentists. Still, they have the final say in whether or not your article gets published in the next edition of the journal.

The standards also ensure the readability of the article you submit. You do not want people who read it to become confused about what it is you are trying to explain in the submission. You want them to understand clearly whatever it is you are describing. Your goal is to get them to appreciate your contribution.

The editorial guidelines are not difficult to follow along with and are probably rather common sense to you. They ensure your submission will be taken seriously and published alongside the articles of colleagues of yours in the industry.

You may have knowledge you want to share with other dentists across the country. You can make sure your contribution is published the first time round by reading and following the editorial guidelines on the website. You can also get or renew your subscription to the journal on the website today.

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