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Screenprinting can be expensive to order when you want just a shirt or two. There is an easy way to create your own items. Here are a few steps to get you up and going to printing on your own.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you get started on printing, you will need to get a few items. You will need an utility knife with doctor blades for flexo printing, a picture frame, adhesive, water based paints, vinyl with a sticky side, screen print fabric, and something to screen print on.

The Screen

To do screenprinting, you need to make a screen with the picture frame and screen print fabric. You need to stretch the fabric over the frame until it is taunt. Once it is, secure it to the frame with staples or nails. Once this is completed, use strips of vinyl to line the outer edge of the fabric along the wood of the frame. If the vinyl doesn’t want to stick, you can use a hair dryer to melt it a bit.

Make the Stencil

You will want to print out the image you want to use small enough to fit your frame. Print it in mirror image since it will print backwards. Adhere the paper to the vinyl with adhesive. Carefully cut out the parts out want to screenprint with the utility knife until you have your picture. Leave the parts you want your material to show through. Stick the vinyl to the screen with either adhesive or with heat.

Prepare the Paint

Mix your ink together until you get the correct consistency that works for you. You might need to experiment a few times until you get the right blend. Lay your item under the screen but make sure you can move it if you need to. Pour a thin line of pant on the screen and nudge it around an a 45 degree angle. It will seep through the fabric and adhere to your item.

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