Don’t be Disappointed, Choose the Right Indian Restaurant

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If you are a person who has never visited or lived in India it would be tough for you to choose delicacies in an Indian Restaurant. India is a large country with a huge variety in culinary dishes. There are so many things to choose from, that you may end up ordering something that is not good for your health. Your inability to choose what’s good and what’s bad, will end you up in a big turmoil. Here in this article, we will discuss about some of the things that you should consider while choosing an Indian Restaurant.


Today, there are a lot of curry houses which has literally sprung up everywhere. A decade back, the scenario was not like that, and if people had the wish of eating curry, they had to go to that same old restaurant in their neighborhood, or if they wanted to try something new, had to drive a long way to find another curry house. Things have changed a lot nowadays, and there are at least ten curry houses in your neighborhood. Today, we are spoilt with choices, and therefore don’t be put off just by the location of the restaurant. Since, there are a lot of competition in curry restaurant nowadays, it makes sense that the restaurant owners will try to open restaurants in localities where there are no curry restaurants. Therefore, do not be put off by the location of the restaurant.

Time of the Week

Considering the time of the week is really important when you are visiting a curry house. Usually, the curry houses do a great business on weekends after the bars and pubs are closed. But, unless you drink regularly, it is affirmative that you will not see the curry house after closing time of the bar. Therefore, you need to move on to something else for judging the standard of the curry house. Now, the best thing that you can do is you can drive past the curry houses in a normal day, around normal meal hours. It is imperative that you will see not a lot of people inside, but if you can see a considerable amount of people inside having their food, that means the restaurant is well known among the natives, and if the natives like the foods being served, it is sure as hell, that you will also like the food.


Take recommendations from everybody who has a taste for curries. Avoid taking recommendations from people who are hard drinkers, and come to a curry house just to ‘eat’ and not to ‘taste’. If somebody has a good experience with a specific curry house or a restaurant, then you might as well give it a try. You may also consult online reviews and see for any negative comments about the restaurant.

Menu Variety

If you are a hard-core curry eater, then all of the curries made in your locality might have been tasted by you. Therefore, its time you try out something new. If you are in search of a good curry house, then you must be open to possibilities, since nowadays, a lot of curry houses are churning out new recipes, which are different than what curries actually used to be.

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