5 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Diabetic Loved Ones

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Mother’s day is right around the corner and while most of us must have already decided on what to do and gift, there still might be a few who would be struggling to find that perfect gifting item especially in cases where the mother is a diabetic.


Before we decide on what gift to choose for mother’s day, it is important to know a bit about diabetes.

Diabetes is a metabolic condition where the body is dealing with either of the two- the inability to produce the hormone insulin naturally or a condition where there is insulin resistance.

What is type 2 diabetes?

Diabetes type 2 is a condition where the body does not produce enough insulin or the body does not react to insulin the way it is supposed to. This phenomenon is also called insulin resistance.

How and what happens?

When glucose (derived from the food we eat) builds up in blood instead of being absorbed by cells, the cells are not able to function properly.The cells use up the glucose for bodily functions and when this does not happen there are a few things that start striking the system:

  1. Dehydration: Build up of excess glucose(sugar) in blood leads to excess sugar in urine . The urine in sugar drives water with it leading to a state of dehydration eventually.
  2. Damage to the body: If you do not have normal blood sugar level for a prolonged period then the probability of damage to the nerves is higher. Also there is a risk of heart attack or damage to the eyes or kidney.

How can you save your loved ones from this?

Invest in a glucometer. A glucometer can be either the one that you connect to your smartphone or the one that connects to an external meter. It helps you manage and monitor your blood sugar levels.

You cannot solely rely on the glucometer, it is also important to get regular blood sugar test to analyze your condition.

Now that we have a fair idea as to what type 2 diabetes is, let’s look into gifting options:

  1. You can shop for glucometer online: As mentioned above a glucometer is a handy device and also a good gifting option for moms.

The price of glucometer varies from company to company and the smartphone glucometer would be sightly on a higher side.

Though slightly expensive a smartphone glucometer is advisable as it helps you monitor and manage your blood sugar levels from time to time.

2. Diabetic Socks: If your mother is a diabetic she might be prone to getting a foot infection or maybe an ulcer. In order to save her from this, you could gift her a pair of diabetes specialized socks. These socks are a perfect foot care essential. They have non elasticated cuffs and allow feet to breathe and sweat to dry out.

There are no strict guidelines as to the use of these socks by diabetics alone.They can be used by non- diabetics as well.

3. Assorted Edibles: Another thoughtful gift option could be creating a box of assorted diabetic friendly food items such as Seeds, Nuts, Vinegars and diabetic friendly snacks.

4. Orthopaedic footwear: Since foot care is essential to a diabetic, it is advisable to wear slippers that provide comfort and not add up to a neuropathic condition.You could consider buying your mother a nice pair of orthocare footwear that will avoid any kind of feet wound or infection.

5. Fitness Tracker: If your mother is a type 2 diabetic, watching what she eats in not the only thing to take care of, she also needs to monitor her weight. You could gift her a fitness tracker so that it helps her manage and monitor her daily activity levels.

Before you buy her anything make sure you know beforehand what she needs or what is missing in the house for her. These gift options are not just for mother’s day but can be given on any day irrespective of an occasion.

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