4 Rights You Have If You Are Injured at Work

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While many states have different regulations regarding workers’ compensation laws, but there are a few that are common for almost all areas of the United States. These laws have been established to help you through the difficult time after the injury. Here are four rights you have if you are injured at work.

The Right to an Attorney

In the early stages of your injury claim, you may not feel the need to contact a lawyer to represent you. That could be a mistake. There are many ways a personal injury attorney Columbia MD can help you through the often long, drawn out workers’ compensation process after an injury.

The Right To Seek Medical Care

You have the right to seek medical care, but there may be conditions on which doctors you can visit and what type of care the medical provider may offer. You can also say no to using your own insurance company to pay for the medical care you are receiving. Consult your attorney if you feel you are not getting the proper treatments, or you have questions about your medical care.

The Right To Fair Compensation

When your injury does not allow you to return to work immediately, and you are forced to be away from your job for an extended period of time, you have the right to seek fair compensation. This can include money for missed work and medical treatments.

The Right to Make an Appeal

When the decision comes down from your employer or the insurance company, and you disagree with that decision, you have the right to appeal. You also have the right to maintain your job standing during the process unless the employer can show a valid reason to let you go.

Being injured while at work can result in damage that can move through the spectrum from life threatening to merely annoying. No matter where on the injury band you find yourself, you can know you have the above four legal rights on your side.

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