4 Must-Have Bath Accessories for Any Luxury Home

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Everything in a luxury home speaks to beauty, comfort, and convenience.  The bathroom is where the owner’s taste can truly shine from upgraded fixtures and finishes to the top-notch accessories chosen to produce a spa-like feel.

Heated Towel Warmers

A hallmark of any spa experience is the luxurious heated towels that are presented to the guests.  Whether washing your face or stepping out of the warm shower, a warm towel heightens the experience.  Electric towel warmers easily replicate the spa experience at home.  Towel warmers look like ordinary towel racks but can quickly heat regular bath towels to provide toasty warmth.

In-Floor Heating

A great improvement is sometimes one that you cannot see right away. There is no better feeling than stepping out of the bath onto a heated floor. Luxury is about eliminating the inconveniences of every-day life, and avoiding the cool touch of a tile floor is not a feeling that homeowners desire in the colder months. A little known secret is that this technology is actually quite accessible for most homeowners. Installation is relatively simple, and heating cables are reasonably priced for the value they bring to luxury homeowners.

Tankless Water Heaters

Running out of hot water is the fastest way to wreck a good morning.  Installing a tankless water heater ensures that cold showers are an experience of the past. Also known as point-of-use models, these devices heat water directly at the site where it is to be used such as a sink or a shower. Beyond endless hot water, these units save energy as they heat water on demand rather than using unnecessary energy to keep water hot until it is requested.

Musically Inclined Shower Heads

No luxury bathroom is complete without an exceptional shower head. Whether the choice is a rainfall or massaging-type shower head really comes down to personal preference.  Kohler has taken things a step further with a 2 gallons per minute, rainfall showerhead that includes a wireless speaker to stream your favorite music throughout the shower.  The speaker connects with any Bluetooth music streaming device up to 32 feet away and easily pops out of the shower head for recharging or to be used elsewhere in the home.

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