3 Things To Look For In An Expert Witness

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In a court of law, expert testimony often makes the difference between winning and losing a case. It is important to present a case that represents your side and illustrates why you believe that you are standing on the right side of the law. Not just any testimony will do either, as it is important that your expert be reliable and credible. With that in mind, consider the following three things to consider as you decide on which expert witness to ultimately put on the stand.

Reputation in the Field

Any expert witness should have a solid reputation in his or her field. This means that experience does matter. While you do want to give new experts a chance to make themselves known, the place to do so is not at an important trial. You want someone who is already widely regarded and will be trusted when they speak and give their opinion. Using expert witness services will help you find such a professional.

Ability to Answer the Tough Questions

Any expert witness needs to be prepared to be cross examined. This means that they need to be confident in their knowledge and they need to be ready to answer the tough questions when they come their way. This is a critical part of a trial, so choosing an expert witness who can withstand the pressure should be a tremendous asset to your case.

Unquestioned Integrity

You will also want to have an expert witness who is known for their integrity. You do not want someone who has been questioned for their opinions in the past. A witness who is believable will be a person that helps your case.

While there are many characteristics of an effective expert witness, these are the three that will really help your case. It is important to do whatever you can to ensure that the witnesses you put on the stand will justify not only their fee, but their worth to your defense as well. This is how you will maximize your position and help your clients see a successful resolution to an otherwise lengthy trial.

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