Why online accounting degrees are a good investment

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Furthering your education is one of the most effective ways to invest in yourself; on average, people with college degrees earn 56% more than those without. Over the course of a lifetime, that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s a story familiar to many accounting graduates, with qualified accountants picking up a particularly handsome paycheck, on average. Sadly, gaining an accounting degree on-campus has traditionally proven out of reach for many people – due to lifestyle, geography, or difficulty saving for college. There is, however, a way to gain your accounting degree that has removed many of those barriers; thanks to increasingly popular online accounting courses – such as Maryville’s online bachelors in accounting – you can access the wealth of benefits that comes with investing in your education – without needing to overhaul your life.

Earn more, work more

Gaining an online accounting degree doesn’t just mean that you’ll potentially earn far more than non-graduates; it’s also a smart financial move where protecting your long-term earnings potential is concerned. Unemployment rates for college graduates is almost half the national average. That figure is even lower for qualified accountants – and lower still once an accountant has several years’ experience. It means that getting your online accounting degree is the first step to achieving the long-term financial security that many Americans will never see; with an online accounting degree under your belt, you’ll be less likely than the average person to lose out on earnings through lack of employment.

Secure your family’s future

Not only is an online accounting degree an investment in your present and your future, but it’s also an investment from which your family will also benefit. Higher earnings mean that your family will reap the rewards of your online accountancy degree; earning a high salary puts a higher quality of services within yours and your family’s reach – such as better healthcare. Not only does that mean the best chance possible of a healthy, happy life, but it’s also yet another financial investment; people who are healthy in mind and body are more productive at work, with better performance bringing financial rewards such as promotions and bonuses. Because you’ll be able to extend better education and healthcare to your loved ones, they’ll also be able to reap those same long-term benefits.

Flexible and affordable courses

Another huge financial benefit of studying for an accounting degree through distance learning is the limited expenditure involved – course fees are usually lower than equivalent on-campus degrees. Because there is no set time at which you need to study for your online accounting degree, study can also fit around your existing life and schedule – so you can balance your online course with other commitments. It means that you can seek part-time or full-time employment, with your largely self-directed studies fitting around shifts.

For those seeking a change from an existing career, gaining your accounting degree online means that you can work towards quitting your day job – without having to quit your day job. In both of these scenarios, there’s a clear short-term financial benefit when compared to studying on campus; money coming in while you’re studying means far less financial pressure and a boost to your lifetime earnings.

Study around family life     

For those with family commitments – such as parents raising children, or a person caring for an elderly relative – the benefits of studying accountancy online are huge.

The flexibility of online accountancy degrees means that you can always ensure that studies fit around care commitments.

There’s no need to relocate your family to a new city for college, and you’ll be spared the expense of student housing that many on-campus students face – as well as the cost involved with traveling home for the holidays and end-of-semester breaks. Even compared with studying on campus in your current location, the time and expense involved in commuting is hugely reduced – because you can study from home, or wherever you like. It means that the investment in your future is as cost-effective as possible in the short term and won’t impact on your home life.

Career changes made easier

Once you graduate and find accounting work, earning a higher salary also means that you may even be able to support a partner if they seek a career change in the future; a graduate salary is often enough to support a whole household. The more able your household is to meet financial obligations with a single income, the more flexibility you’ll have. Once your partner’s studies are complete, the resulting two-graduate household would mean an even stronger long-term income potential for your family.

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