7 Essential Tech Tools for Bloggers

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Whether you blog as a profession or as a hobby, you know you need certain tools. While you’ll require software, such as a website creation tool, you’re sure to find other technology gadgets useful. When you’re searching for some of the best options, consider a few of the following seven essential tech tools for bloggers.



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By far, the most crucial technology tool any blogger needs is a good laptop. While desktop computers are great for their power and performance, bloggers need the ability to write anywhere and everywhere. Since the entire purpose of getting a laptop is having something portable and easy to carry, look for options with screens between 13 and 17 inches. Unless you’re doing heavy work in video processing and graphics, you can go for a basic laptop or netbook.

Wireless Hotspot

Since an internet connection is a necessity for every blogger, having a wireless hotspot will help you get your work done almost anywhere.

You have several options when you want to have your own wireless hotspot. Many cellphone companies will let you use your smartphone’s mobile data to create a wireless hotspot. Several companies will also sell mobile hotspot devices that use a USB device to plug into your laptop. While often large and bulky, you can also purchase a wireless router and modem to create your own hotspot.

External Hard Drive

While some bloggers opt to use cloud storage over external hard drives, you can take advantage of both options. Several cloud storage companies offer free storage space where you can keep a copy of files and pictures. However, keep in mind that if a hacker guesses your password, you could lose all of your data.

Having an external hard drive as a backup option is a good idea. By using both options, you know your important data will always be safe and you’ll never lose the backup copy of all your work.

Printer and Scanner

Although bloggers do much work online, you may still have times when you need a paper copy of some document. In these cases, having a printer and scanner available is helpful. If your blog typically keeps you in your office, you’ll find plenty of large desktop printers and scanners. On the other hand, if you need something portable, several all-in-one models give you the ability to copy, print, and scan with a device small enough to fit in your travel bag.

Small Video Camera

Blogging is branching away from strictly written content to include video content as well. You’ll find it helpful to have a small video camera as one of your technology tools. Anything from a GoPro camera to a Polaroid Cube is great for capturing video you can use for content on your blog. These tools are also ideal if you’re attending a conference and want to record the event so that you can replay it later.

Smartphone With a Quality Camera

Along with video, good pictures are also essential for bloggers today. Instead of carrying around a phone and a digital camera, consider getting a smartphone that comes with a quality camera, such as the iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 Plus comes with a 12-megapixel camera that includes optical image stabilization, a feature which can help you take pictures in low light and prevent blur from shaky hands. If you are into photography but don’t want to spend thousands on a DSLR camera, then you can get a good deal on an iPhone 7 from carriers like T-Mobile.

Portable Power

Once you have all the above tech tools, you want to make sure you have the power to keep everything going. Here’s where portable power packs come in handy. You’ll find everything from options small as a tube of lipstick that will charge your phone to a line of backpacks that have a built-in power pack ideal for traveling.

When you’re searching for essential tech tools that can help you with blogging, keep a few of the above top options in mind.


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