What is User Activity Monitoring Software and What Are The Benefits?

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With the large majority of companies around the world being dependent on computers in order tooperate their business, carry out transactions and store huge amounts of data. In light of this massive use of computers across the world, carrying out vital operations and storing highly sensitive information, it is vital that you find ways in which you can efficiently protect your computer systems from the potential risk of cyber attacks. One of the best ways of doing this is with tools like user activity monitoring software, let’s take a look at how this software solution can help you to stay protected.


What is it all About?


To break it down into layman terms, user activity monitoring is a selection of software tools which are used to track the behaviours and the performance of individual computer users within the business. What these software tools actually do, is that they track each device which are used by your employees and then you, or your security team will received a detailed break down and analysis of all of the activities of the users. This software is absolutely perfect in terms of being able to minimise and completely mitigate security risks within the business.


How Does It Work?


The way in which this software works is that it protects information and at the same time ensures compliance with regulations around data privacy. These are the techniques which this software will use to ensure that you are protected, that your information is secure and that you are on the front foot in order to avoid any potential hacks.


– Log analysis and collection

– Keystroke logging

– Monitoring of kernels

– Screen capture

– Recording of sessions using video


What The Information Means?


The software will be able to put together a wide range of highly detailed and vitally important information and send it back to you or your security team with highly detailed reports. The crucial thing for you and for the business is that you pay attention to the reports which come in, review them and take any action which is required around your staff conduct or any potential security issues which may come up. From a security point of view you can deal with threats early and you can also use these reports to better manage your employees’ productivity.


What Are The Benefits?


The benefits of using user activity monitoring software are ultimately that you will be ensuring that your business is completely secure and that it is doing all that it can to detect, and remove any cyber attacks which exist. Somewhat worryingly, the majority of cyberattacks which takes place thanks to internal collusion or someone who works within the firm forming an attack. In order to remove this risk that could present itself, this is the type of software which you need. Aside from the security benefits of this software you can also use it to manage your staff and their productivity.

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