Strategies for Motivating Students in Mathematics

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It is well known fact in the society that there are lots of students who do not like mathematics. There might be a list of reasons they would say to support their arguments against the subject sound boring to them like poor tutoring, weak arithmetic skills and so on. Whether the students like the subject or not, we could barely ignore the importance of the same.


Mathematics is literally everywhere in the air ranging from buying groceries to building houses. Hence the whole structure of delivering classes on the subject should be revamped to make it appealing to the students. Below are some ways through which we could achieve this goal of helping students:

1. Point out the gaps in the students understanding: Try to understand what all areas the students have to cover in a motivating manner. This would boost their desire to grasp and learn more concepts like Algebra in detail. For instance, it would be a great idea to begin with exercises with questions with scenarios that are familiar to you and then later move on to the unfamiliar areas based on the same topic. Remember the key would be in how we portray the gaps in understanding in a realistic manner to the students concerned.

2. Showcase an achievement in sequential manner: It would be really beneficial for both the tutor and students to follow concepts in a logical sequence. Unlike the earlier method, it would boost the sense of to compete with oneself. For instance, from the point of view of properties of quadrilaterals, we could explain how special quadrilaterals follow a sequence from one another.

3. Challenge the thought process: To foster enthusiasm in students, it absolutely necessary that they should be challenged at the intellectual level. Alike the first strategy, care should be exercised before selecting the challenge. Too much of a challenge would demoralize the students as they would see them as unattainable and a low level challenge would lead them to go astray. Hence balance would be the deciding factor while picking the right challenge.

4. Spread the awareness about the topics usefulness: Before delivering lectures on the respective topics, a small briefing about the usefulness of learning them in a real world setting would certainly motivate students to know more about the same. For instance, while teaching Geometry, students could be taught about their importance while constructing various structures like building, skyscrapers with colorful images and videos that grab the attention of students. Thus the briefing would turn uncomplicated.

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From the above discussion, one thing is clear beyond doubt that Math should not be considered as a boring subject as it is a really exciting domain provided the mindset of students and tutors are diverted into a positive manner.

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