Keys to Achieve Top ranks in JEE Mains

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Getting a good rank to get a good college is quite difficult nowadays in this competitive world. The education phase of life is one of the most competitive parts of a person’s life. Students work hard to achieve success and get higher ranks in the JEE Mains. This competitive exam lets you get an admission in a good college for your further studies. The higher is your rank in the JEE Mains, the number of gates open for you in the best colleges. Moreover, if in case you are very eager to know about your chances of getting an admission in a specific college then the solution is JEE Main Rank Predictor College tool. This JEE Main Rank Predictor College tool is an online tool which helps you to predict the chance of getting an admission in the different colleges. But making an assumption and performing in the real world are two different ends of the world.

How to Prepare for the JEE Mains?

So here the question arises that; how to prepare for the JEE Main? Many students start their preparation after clearing their 12th board Exams. This is a wrong way to prepare for such a big and crucial examination. All the students who get in the stream of education are well known of the fact that some or the other day after passing the board examination they have to quality with good ranks and marks in order to get an admission in the desired college. So this means the once who are cautious and careful of their career and education, they should start their preparation from the starting of the 10th standard. This helps the students to lessen the burden which falls upon them while preparing at the last moment. So let us see some of the Key factors that can make you rank up the list and fetch you more mark than others.

Keys to Achieve Top ranks in the JEE Mains:

  1. Time Management:

Time Management is one of the primary things that plays a vital role throughout the preparation of the JEE Mains. Time management helps to prepare for every subject with proper time distribution. Moreover setting a defined timetable for the whole days makes the things even more systematic and efficient for you. By this, a student decides the time that he should devote in every activity of the days as well as the time that he should devote in studying every subject properly. Time is the most precious thing that can really change the scene at your results.

  1. Say NO to Distractions:

Most of the things get erased even after studying them properly. This happens basically because the students indulge themselves in the different distractions. These distractions are:

  1. Friends
  2. Families.
  • Games.
  1. Social Networking.
  2. Smart Phones.
  3. Parties.
  • Night Outs.

These are some of the main disturbing elements which greatly affects the valuable time of the students. When you are free from all these distractions then your mind becomes more concentrated and focused which helps to retain all the studied matter for a longer time period. To fill Jee Main Application Form go to this link before going to exam.

  1. Health and Food Habits:

Many students who have the potential to get higher ranks and good marks in the JEE Mains fail in even making an appearance in the examination. This situation is even more depressing that studying for JEE Mains with full determination and dedication, and finally not able to give the exam due to bad health. So one should be very caution and careful about his food habits and try to avoid outdoor harmful food. Instead, students should set a healthy diet which keeps them healthy as well as active throughout the day so that students can study properly which full energy.


  1. Take Proper Sleeps and Stay Positive:

Most of the students tend to study overnights which greatly affects their health and chance of getting ill turns more, so a student should take proper deep sleep for about 7 hours per day so that the mind and brain remain active at all times of the day. Moreover, many of the students prepare well but still they find themselves landing nowhere near to the high desired ranks, this happens because of the negative and nervous mindset. One should believe on his or her preparation and stay motivated while preparing as well as while giving the examination. This helps the student to perform their best in the examination and get go

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