How To Master In Mathematics?

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Mathematics dreams meaning

“The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.” – William S Burroughs

It is always a surprise, what is the exertion one has to go through to become an expert?

A skilled person unearths new things and is a leader himself!

It is rare that we come across people saying ‘I can crack Mathematics’.

If you too are yearning to become a Mathematics wizard, then go through my tips below.

  • Practice makes man perfect – It is understandable that Mathematics is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, we can melt the iron by practising more and more on a daily basis.
  • Logical thinking – A subject to play with the number. The theories might seem to be complex, but, little amount of effort added with logical understanding will definitely help you create magic with the numeric.
  • Mind Gaming – Accuracy is never an overnight success. But, it can be achieved by mind calculating without any help of a pen and paper.
  • A book is a man’s best friend – Investing in a few good books can help the students break the ice. The more complex books they buy, the easier it will be. For instance, a pupil is studying in 12th grade and finding it difficult to learn chapter 7 and also is in the requirement of a good textbook. It is strongly recommended that NCERT solutions for class 12 maths chapter 7 are a good source to score well.
  • Seek for help – These days, a student need not just depend on his/her teacher for some assistance. There are books, EdTech and tutors to guide them in the right direction. For example, if the student is unable to comprehend a lesson in class 10, chapter 2. He can either refer NCERT solutions for class 10 maths or attend online classes like BYJU’S, which is the leading EdTech in the country.


In the current digital world, math classes have topped the level of importance. Follow the above tips and tricks to ace in mathematics and top among the peers, subscribe BYJU’S YouTube channel-


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