Truck Maintenance for the Summer Season

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Trucking is always a tough job, but it’s much tougher to make your schedules and keep customers happy when you break down on the side of the road. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but you can improve your chances with proper maintenance. The summer heat makes it even more important that you stay on top of maintenance.

Start With the Fluids

The various fluids in your drivetrain are almost literally the lifeblood of your truck’s performance. Check on the status of your hoses and hydraulic fittings San Antonio. Changing the oil and the various filters in your systems are important. There are some myths about oil performance that you should shed that were either never true or are not true of modern engines. For example, it’s okay to change brands on your oil if you need to, so don’t put it off just because you’re at a truck stop that doesn’t carry your preferred brand.

This is One Brake Check You Need to Perform

Truckers hate “brake checks” when they are administered by cars that dart in front of them, but brake systems need to be checked top to bottom on a regular basis. You don’t want your first brake inspection in a long time to be performed on the side of the road by law enforcement. You can receive citations and even be sidelined for brakes that don’t pass.

Eighteen Wheels, and You Need to Inspect Them All

Like brakes, wheels and tires should be checked on frequently. It’s a job looking at each one on a big rig, but as mentioned with brakes, problems with your tires can attract unwelcome attention from law enforcement. Check tire inflation routinely, and look for tread wear, cuts, bulges, and other signs of damage.

With proper care, your truck should be reliable to get you to your customer or your next load every time. Take care of your rig and it will take care of you.

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